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I'm Laura and I created content online under the moniker Laura's Views.


I've been ruminating on the concept of this type of box for a long time now: if you follow me on socials you'll know my fascination with the moon and how it affects us; from our sleep to our moods, and beyond!

I do love a bit of woo-woo-fun hence how the idea was born!


I believe it's really valuable to have a regular ritual which ties self-care in with intentions/goals, and Trends and I have created just that with our monthly *Lunar Box*

Roisin and I have gone back and forth to create the absolute best value self-care and intentions box possible and I really hope you enjoy it as much as we enjoyed making it.

Laura's Views Lunar Box


Trust the universe knows what's best for you.


Each box will contain

Sage for cleansing the energies.

A pillow or room mist for mindfulness

A body scrub

A bath bomb 

A spell candle to focus your intentions

And a mini wish bracelet and intentions card.

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